CONTACT US:   604.671.1819
 1095 Churchill Crescent 
North Vancouver, BC
Caring About Our Community 

What is Venture Enterprises?
Venture Enterprises is a group of innovative individuals who believe that everyone is competent and valuable.  The team of 11 adults and their Vocational Trainers at North Shore ConneXions Society have their own business, providing reliable, efficient and necessary services & products to their community. 

Venture Enterprises currently offers 4 products and services: 

VE Natural Cleaner is their most recent creation, a green all-purpose cleaning solution which evolved out of their concern for the negative health effects of using harsh chemical cleaners. 

The Those Little Jobs team do all the jobs you don't have time for, such as watering your plants and collecting you mail while you are on vacation, shovelling snow, delivering flyers, commercial cleaning, repairing your old appliances, and many more tasks. 

The Muffin Cafe is situated at Harry Jerome Recreation Centre in North Vancouver. The concession operates from 8:30am-3pm Monday to Friday and sells coffee/tea and snacks, in addition to a lunch service from 11:30am-2:30pm. They follow the BC Parks and Recreation Association recommendations for healthy choices and provide only healthy menu options for their customers. Drop in for a protein banana strawberry smoothie any day, or a vegetarian pizza on Fridays!

Lynn and Emilie, the Bright Bytes Computer Maids will clean your computer until it sparkles. They can clean every computer in your office. No harsh chemicals used - they only bring their home made VE Natural Cleaner